Meet the Artist

Theresa GallupDuring my seven-year stay in Japan as a college administrator, I became immersed in Japanese culture. Richly embroidered silk kimonos, brocade obis, elaborate wedding robes, bright christening gowns – they all fascinated me.

My lifetime interest in textiles led me to collect these beautiful vintage kimonos. Not content to leave them in drawers, I began to create one-of-a-kind garments for myself and friends.

Fifteen years later that’s still my passion. Now I design for boutiques, galleries and even the Smithsonian Gift Shops. My biggest challenge was producing 1,500 items for the cover of their 2011 Holiday Gift catalog.

Theresa Gallup

I give these vintage kimonos new lives as hand-crafted jackets, handbags, scarves and neckties. It brings me joy to use surface designs and dyeing techniques to enhance these authentic textiles to create elegant apparel just for you!

Theresa Gallup
Springfield, MO