Vertical Scarf

Vertical Scarf: 7” x 60”
Price: $65

Attractive sweep of kimono fabric paired with matte finish black silk charmeuse. Lined in black China silk with tiny beads on each corner so it drapes beautifully.

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Fragment Scarf

Colors available:
blue, tan, sage green, purple,
red & chartreuse.
Fragment Scarf: 6” x 72”
Price: $75

A band of kimono fabrics runs the length of this silk crepe scarf. Light and airy for comfort but long enough to tie in many styles.

Color Medley

Color Medley: 6” x 72”
Price: $45

Up to eight pieces of colorful recycled kimono make up this unlined scarf. Contrasting thread border and beads on each corner. Lightweight and long enough to tie as you like.

Kimono Wrap

Colors available:
multi-color, red/black, black tone-on-tone

Kimono Wrap: 29” x 77”
Price: $130

Created from black silk charmeuse with wide bands of kimono fabric on each end. Identical on front and back.